September Crafternoon (MTP)

Drop in between 3-4 PM for our family friendly monthly craft!! This month’s craft will be a DIY butterfly to celebrate the monarch migration that occurs each Fall.

Diamond Painting (MTP)

Teens! Are you someone who loves all the shinier things in life? Join us as we bling it out with Diamond Painting keychains and coasters!! All supplies provided.

Barbie Party (MTP)

Ages 6-11. Come on Barbie, let’s go party! Bring your coolest doll and your imagination along to the Library Dreamhouse for crafts and activities!

Card Club (MTP)

Join us as we create decorative cards for special occasions. Beginners are welcome!

I love CabCo Coasters (MTP)*

Join us to celebrate all the things that make Cabarrus County the wonderful place we call home! Choose from popular features of our county to create your own custom set of photo coasters that tell the world just why you love Cab Co! Limited spaces available; registration required.

Pollination Station (MTP)

Ages 6-11 – Join us to learn a little about some VIPs (Very important pollinators, that is!) Why are bees so important, and how to they help keep things growing? Learn some basics about pollination and then make your very own “Bee Motel” for pollinators in your yard!